Rainy Day Chic (Yes, it does exist)

Rainy days can suck, plain and simple. Motivation wanes and just getting one foot out of bed is an immense struggle. And rainy winter days in Athens? Those would have to rank the highest on the suck-o-meter if there ever were such a thing. Maybe I’ll invent that. You know in Cosmo where each month they have a Stud-O-Meter? Well I’m copyrighting Suck-O-Meter. Wow that had to a record for how fast into a blog I went off on a tangent. So for those of you still reading, back to the good stuff.


Remember this past Wednesday and how glorious of a day it was around noon time? The sun was shining and it seemed to be the perfect type of chilly but not too cold temperature outside; the type of weather you could wear shorts or a short sleeve shirt with, but not both at the same time. So here I was dressed in a springy dress with a light jacket just about ready to leave for class and then all of a sudden, a torrential downpour starts. Talk about what a waste of an outfit that would’ve been had I not sprinted up the stairs and changed real quick. Which led me to think about what exactly is cute rainy day attire because let’s face it, if you can barely even get out of bed, putting anything but sweats and a hoodie on seems like the worst idea ever.


Hello rainy day staple and not to mention a cute one. Rainboots come in all types of colors and patterns, as well as different heights so it’s definitely easy to find a pair that fits you and your style. I like a pair of nice tall black rain boots, simple chic and classic, but it’s fun to play with patterns and colors as a way to spice up your outfit. If you plan on wearing some really busy or colorful jacket, I suggest opting for a more subdued pair of boots on your feet.









Talk about a rainy day accessory with the capability to brighten up the gloomiest of days. I’ve seen a lot of basic colored umbrellas around Athens but I’ve also seen a fair share of brighter, much more colorful ones. If you find yourself always feeling extremely dreary on days like this, get a cute umbrella. Find one that makes you smile and you’ll instantly be in a better mood when you’re walking around in the rain. I’m convinced Ted from How I Met Your Mother fell in love with said mother because she had a bright yellow umbrella and it instantly made him smile. Also, be sure that you are practicing proper umbrella etiquette and please don’t get one of those huge golf umbrellas that take up entire parts of the sidewalk that leave everyone else no room to walk. If you do do that, please don’t complain when my umbrella runs in to yours because it is going to happen. Oh and also, I’m in love with the blue Marc Jacobs umbrella below and would buy it in a heartbeat if I had that kind of money to drop on an umbrella.












Trench Coat

A lot of rainy days in Athens means its chillier weather as well. Unless it’s raining in the spring, because then there’s a better chance it’s a gross, hot muggy type of day, umm eww. Where I’m going with that is not only do you need to keep your feet dry and warm, but you have to make sure that you’re keeping the rest of your body warm too. A trench coat is perfect for this type of weather because not only will it look super cute and keep you super warm, but if it does get wet, the water will roll right off of it. Unlike a hoodie, which is just going to soak water like a sponge does and keep you wet even longer. So here is another chance to make a statement with your outfit even on rainy days. Opt for a beige color if you’re feeling more classic and preppy or go change it up with a black or colorful one, or really play with it and get one with a super sweet pattern on it.










Well there are some lovely rainy day options for you. I know it’s extremely hard sometimes to find the energy to get dressed in the morning when the weather flat out sucks but I’m telling you putting a little extra effort in will change your outlook on the entire day and keep you feeling much more upbeat and happier. So take that Mr. Rainstorm!


Now you’re DTD!


P.S. Almost Spring Break!!!!


UGG-G-L-Y You Ain’t Go No Alibi

There are hundreds upon thousands of fashion blogs on the Internet today. The Sartorialist is an extremely famous and extremely major fashion blog written by Scott Schuman dedicated to, as the blog says, “creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to everyday life.” Anyone who is anyone in the fashion world  or who just loves clothes or brilliant photography, fiends this blog and looks at it all the time. (And if you haven’t yet you should, because it is completely amazeballs and the pictures will seriously leave you in awe and make you want to jet-set right quick.)

Now, I bring the blog up because this week, the famous page made fashion headlines all across the vast Internet when it posted a picture of a person wearing Uggs. And not only were there three different pictures but the images were also accompanied by some styling tips for help on wearing them, including one about matching one’s boots to their dog.

For those of you who don’t find this as gasp worthy as others, Ugg boots aren’t considered to be all that fashionable of a shoe in the world outside of cold weather campuses like our dear Athens and other frozen tundra schools like ours. (I’d be willing to be that Anna Wintout permanently banned the page from her iPad bookmarks.)

So when this picture appeared, people began to repeatedly ask the question, “Have Uggs finally their way into the fashion spotlight? Or was Scotty-boy just making a sarcastic joke?” He did suggest matching a pair to one’s dog and Paris Hilton can’t even pull that one off and she can afford Tinkerbells and matching boots in every breed and color out there.

So because this is a winter-clothing based blog, this week I decided to debate the question that we are all thinking, “Are Uggs a fashion do now or will they always be a fashion don’t?”

First, the offending pictures:






Defendant’s Statement

I have to be honest, I did not own a pair of these boots (well I don’t actually own Uggs, more like Target Mossimo or Xhiliration brand, one of those) nor did I really even know about them until I moved here. And that first winter, BAM, it was like my Northface experience all over again (see previous blogs for that epic story). I got a pair and it was like my feet were in heaven. They may not look the greatest, but gosh darnit my feet sure were warm.

While they may not be the most attractive boot out there, Uggs can be practical for the type of weather that we experience during the winter months. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford super swanky fashiony snow boots, then please, get those, and please, let me see/borrow them (size 10 only on that second part). And if you can help it, wear your Uggs around the house only. There are so many other cute and practical boot options out there. Oh and one big huge no-no, do not, unless you’re running to take the trash out, wear Ugg boots with shorts. To put it nicely, it looks dumb. If you’re that cold, put on some pants.

Athens is a world in itself, anyone who has spent time here knows this. So in this frozen little world we have here in the winter, I find Ugg boots to be an acceptable part of the dress code. They are super easy to throw them on over jeans or sweats when you’re trekking through snow early in the morning on your way to class or you’re just walking to the gym and you’re not trying to run those treadmill miles with sopping wet sneakers. But be prepared for the real world, because many of Athens fashion rules do not even come close to applying.

Plaintiff’s Argument

I want to start this argument by sharing some of the comments that appeared on the Sartorialist’s page under the now infamous Uggs pictures.

“Uggggg, really?”


“NOOOOOOOO” (there were more Os in the post)

“Ugg’s are one of THE worst things to happen in women’s fashion.”

And now my favorites:

“Friends don’t let friends do UGGs”

“Eew. Should I now brace myself for the upcoming spring Crocs post…?”

“Wearing Uggs; it’s not called ‘the weekend.’ it’s called ‘giving up.’

As you can see, there was a huge outcry from people who did not agree with the Schuman’s decision to post these images.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, Uggs are ugly. They aren’t shaped all that well and give absolutely no definition to anyone’s legs but rather make skinny legs look like toothpicks and bigger legs look like more like shapeless blobs. They don’t provide much traction when walking and I’m sure you can instantly picture in your head numerous times when you saw someone or you yourself busted your butt while wearing them. And to keep them looking as nice as when you first got them, these boots take some major upkeep. (My roommate wouldn’t even wear hers until she gave her’s numerous Ugg spray baths). Oh yeah and did I mention that they really aren’t that cute?

Closing Argument

I have to say that while Uggs may work in Athens, they are positively not cute. There are tons of other boots and winter shoes out there that are much cuter, provide a better shape for your legs and give more traction for you feet. They are practical shoes for throwing on to keep your feet warm but only in the winter time and should be worn in the comfort of your home or I’ll also allow running extremely late to class and all you need to do is get out the door. These boots are like the equivalent of a Snuggie: not cute but can keep you warm and should enjoyed only in the comfort of your living room where no one else besides the people you live with can see them.


After weighing both sides, I have come to the conclusion that Uggs are a fashion don’t and should stay that way for years to come.

That’s all for this week. Hopefully you enjoyed this little mini-case review of one of fashion’s most debated topics.


P.S. Disclaimer: I hope I did not offend anyone with this week’s post because I do know people who absolutely love their Ugg boots and wear them all the time. This post was not intended to make anyone mad/upset/ruffle anyone’s feathers but rather look at both sides of an argument and state my opinion. People don’t always agree with what I wear but that’s what makes fashion so great is that everyone has their own opinions about things which in turn gives everyone their own unique style. If you love your Uggs, rock em’ till they wear out.

Oh my alarm is going off? *Big Sigh* Crap

Ok so you know those days when you wake up and you casually check what time it is only to realize that you’ve massively overslept and you’re Nicki Minaj wake up song has actually been on repeat? And then you have a mini heart attack because you realize that you have to be out the door in 20 minutes to have a shot to actually making it to class on time. And on top of all that, you have no idea where your keys are and you certainly have no idea what you’re going to  wear.

I had the unfortunate incident of finding myself in this little pickle of a situation last week, although luckily, I was just going to work so all I needed to put on was the first pair of jeans I could get my hands on and my lovely black Front Room shirt (which I’m sorry but I don’t love a latte. If you’ve seen the shirt, that little pun totally makes sense.) But for those of you who actually have class to get to or somewhere else where you want to look presentable, this week’s blog is for you. How to get up and at ‘em and dressed and ready to go in 20 minutes. It’s like Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals except with clothes and less time.

Now in the winter, this situation is a bit more sticky than any other season because you can’t throw just on a sundress or some denim cutoffs and be good to go. Well I guess you could, but have fun freezing and don’t say I didn’t warn you. You could always go the sweatpants route, but a.) that would totally go against everything this blog stands up and b.) you still have 20 minutes, enough time to be pull an outfit out of your rear-end. (Please excuse that visual.)

First off: go brush your teeth. That is one thing that you don’t want to forget to do before running out the door. People will forgive you for being a couple of minutes late. People will not forgive you if you sit next to them with stank breath for 50 minutes. And for even more good measure, pop some gum in before you head out the door.

Next: Wash your face or throw some water on there to wake yourself up, put some life back into your still asleep skin. Some cold water in the morning, you’ll be alert in no time.

Now the important part, getting dressed: When it comes to last minute outfits, I think it’s a good idea to have a couple of key go-tos because let’s face it, sleeping past your alarm and waking up in a terror is eventually going to happen and you’re going to need to be on your fashion A game to get put together in no time at all.

For me, I like to start with jeans. They’re simple and classic and easy to build an outfit around. Then, I like to throw on a plaid button down and some chunky boots and that’s pretty much my outfit right there. You can also add a graphic sweater on top if you’re in a cheerful/playful mood or a plain sweater if you’re going more classic. Or just put on a good ole’ white-tee because those will never fail you. Then as time permits, add more to your outfit. Jewelry, scarves, hats, the more time you do have, the more you can play. But don’t stress because you can’t decide what color scarf to layer on, you’re already in a rush as it is.

If you’re in a leggings type of mood, and if you’re rolling out of bed, you probably are, you can totally make these work for a day of class. One rule and I cannot stress this enough, please please please please please make sure your butt is covered. Throw on a long, slouchy sweater, it works perfectly in this instance. Also, make sure you aren’t wearing tights or super thin-leggings. Please spare everyone the favor of not having to see what’s goin’ on inside those “makeshift pants” you’re wearing. Through on some boots or flats if it isn’t too cold outside. And wah-laa. Or, if you have a sweater dress hanging in your closet, throw that on. Dresses are so simple because they’re one piece and you’re done. Add some shoes and bam.

Makeup wise: Here’s where the time can get ya. Obviously when you’re pressed for time already, you don’t have a bunch of spare minutes or even seconds to spend getting your face all done up. Here’s a good, fast routine: start with some tinted moisturizer and smother that all over your face. Kudos if it has SPF in it, because that’s a must and it’ll save you a step if it’s already mixed in. Then, add a couple dots of concealer if you need it anywhere and blend some underneath your eyes to get rid of any dark spots that make it look like you did indeed just wake up. Leave people guessing that, don’t make it look like you should have a sign plastered on you that says “10 minutes ago I was sleeping.” Add a bit of foundation if you have have time or even just some in darker or redder areas. Next, curl your eyelashes wish an eyelash curler to perk them up a bit and add some mascara. Boom, face is done. If I have time to spare, I like to add a little black eyeliner on the outer part of my bottom inner lash line or some highlighting powder on the cheeks to pick my face up a little. But pick the one product for your face that you can’t live without or the one part of your face that you want to inhance, and use that one product or make that one part stand out. This not only perks up your face but it’ll make you feel better when you’re highlighting your best asset or using that same product that is part of your daily routine no matter what. And with the stress of this kind of morning that you’re already feeling, you’re going to want to keep that confidence up.

For your hair: Braids, buns, and ponytails are the perfect on-the-go, getting ready supa fast hairstyles. They are all really easy to do and take no time at all. Pick one, do your hair, and bam, you’re ready to go.

So ta-da there it is, how to get ready in a flash be out the door in 20 minutes. And if you need your morning caffeine like I do, set the alarm on your coffee pot so it’s done by the time you get up. An extremely important time saver, especially for me and not to mention it smells so good that it makes me actually want to leave my bed.

Now you’re DTD!


P.S. Happy Birthday Lindsay! Love you!!!

P.P.S. Hope you all enjoyed the first Thread issue! If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out! http://www.outhreadmag.com/

P.P.P.S. R.I.P Whitney. You will be truly missed.

I Said Brr, It’s Cold Out Here (Yes this is a Bring It On reference, sorry I’m not sorry)

So I feel as if I jinxed the weather a little bit last week. There I was talking about how nice it’d been for whats supposed to be the middle of winter and then all of a sudden, we’re back to snow and sun-less days. It could’ve been good ole’ Puxatawney Phil but I’ll go ahead and take some of that blame too. So as my debt to all of you readers, (whom I absolutely adore might I add) this week I’m going to go the opposite route and talk about how to stay as chic as possible with the thickest coats imaginable on.

Now I have a love/hate relationship with thick coats. On one hand, they do keep me super warm but at the same time, I almost feel like I’m wasting an outfit underneath. Don’t you ever feel like that? When you put outfits together, you show the world who you are and how you’re feeling on any given day. But when it’s cold out, all the world can see is what you choose to cover up with. So that leaves only one option right? Make your outer layer as completely chic as humanly possible.

The Northface

Funny story: When my dad came up for Dad’s weekend, he seriously contemplated purchasing Northface stock. And let’s be honest, if you took one look around any northern campus in the winter time, we’d all be fools to not even contemplate looking deeper into this area of the stock market. But since that really isn’t my area of expertise, back to these handy jackets that as common to Athens campus as Saturday morning hangovers.

Now, I didn’t own a coveted Northface my first winter here because you don’t exactly need a jacket like this in Florida, at least not enough to actually purchase one. Imagine my astonishment those first frigid months back in 2008 at the sheer presence of these jackets everywhere. But I have to admit, after wearing my friend Katie’s for that first winter and finally crossing the bridge to full-fledged Ohioan when I got one for Chanukah that December, I’ve grown to love it. Mine is basic and black and it simply gets the job done. What is so great about them is how extremely practical they are and how easy they are to throw on and head out the door. That being said, it is very easy to feel sort of blah and disappear into the crowd when wearing them. So while this may be the least eventful of your winter coat collection, get one in a bright color or one with two colors. Add a cute hat on top to complete your cozy look. Show that you’ve got style when all you’re really worried about is getting to class before your fingers lose all feeling.


Oh boy oh boy do I love me a good peacoat. And have you ever noticed how a good-fitting peacoat looks on a man? (Why yes I am actually freezing but my insides are now on fire. That’s how good they look, well at in  my book).

To me, peacoats scream “I’m staying warm and looking refined and sophisticated at the same time. Booyah.” These are the perfect coat for college students because refinement is what we’re all about, right? (well some of the time) What I really like about these is that the peacoat is something that can stand on its own as the maker of an outfit. Want to really stand out with this one? Rock a red or yellow one in the dead of winter. You’ll keep yourself extremely warm, extremely chic, and not to mention extremely cheery. If you are feeling glum in a yellow peacoat, then I’m sorry something is not right there, and it definitely isn’t the coat. But keep the rest of your outfit simple. Understated elegance, remember that. Red peacoat, black jeans and black tough boots? Baller status. The girliness of the red coat gets balanced out with some tough, grounded boots. Yellow peacoat with some dark skinnies and maybe some flats if it isn’t snowing and you don’t have to walk that far? Lov-al-ly. Go with gray or black if you’re feeling more like the weather and want to show off your brooding side. An all black outfit in the winter? You’re either a mega bad-@$$ or belong on the streets of NYC. Who am I kidding, it’s totally both of those.


This has to be the mother of all winter coats. Long and puffy and full of just absolute warmth. But you have to be careful with this coat, or you’ll end up looking like a large marshmallow or even the Michelin man. Now he owns the puffed out look and can stop traffic in a good way. If you end up looking like him, there might certainly be a traffic jam and yes people will probably stare. The key with this coat is to keep it slim. Don’t pair this with baggy, boot-cut, flare type pants. Straight-leg jeans or leggings or skinny jeans, whatever your poison, is a must for this look. Go another step and belt it. Even if you don’t have the most perfect figure, (I mean how many Giseles and Alessandras can there actually be) give yourself a shape. My body is completely far from perfect (Courtney likes her cupcakes) but show off what you got. Rock your curves. Top it with some fierce winter footwear for an outfit that is perfectly “Eskimo-chic.” But be careful, people will probably feel the need to come up and bundle themselves in your utter warmness.

Well I hope looking at these jackets gave you some inspiration and the subtle humor cheered your cold bones up a little bit.

And just remember, panting and breathing heavy gives your cheeks a nice subtle glow, and who doesn’t want that? Bye bye blush, hello natural flush.

Now you’re DTD!


P.S. PSA: Watch out for frozen ice. It is not your friend!

C-c-c-oat Checkkkk

Ok so straight up for a second, I am not one to joke about medical disorders. I don’t think it is a very funny topic and people take it way too lightly when they use the terms in everyday conversation. Now, I say this because with this week’s blog, I want to talk about how absolutely bi-polar this weather we are having is. It’s crazy right? One day there is snow on the ground and the next you’re walking around in a t-shirt, it definitely is a wee bit ridiculous. What’s even worse is trying to dress for this weather. It’s so frustrating when it changes day in and day out. Just when you remembered how much you love bundling up in your peacoat and beanies, the next day they are in the back of your closet for what seems like to be for good. So this blog is dedicated to how to keep layered up and warm but also layered up and not sweating your kahoonas off.


No, they aren’t just for Grandpas anymore. In today’s fashion, these piece come in all colors and patterns, some have elbow patches, some come cropped; there’s literally an entire plethora of cardigans to choose from. These are a great piece of clothing for this type of weather because they are thick enough to keep you warm but not so thick they are going to make you sweat out your breakfast. And even better, if you do get too hot, you can always roll it into a ball and throw it into your bag, it’s perfect. Pair it with jeans for a cozy look or put it over a dress and belt it for fancier look but still casual enough for everyday.

(P)leather Jacket

I love love love my fake leather jacket I got at Target about two years ago. It was seriously love at first sight, and it was on the clearance rack so obvs I had to get it. I still wear it today, especially around this time of year because it is perfect for this kind of weather. On those mornings when its chilly out, it is definitely something that is going to keep you warm but you keep it on all day even when it warms up a bit without sweating out of it. Rock this with a pair of skinnies and boots for a total Gwen Stefani BAMF look or use it to toughen up a dress. A dress with a leather jacket? Seriously awesome look, trust me.



Hello absolutely perfect piece of clothing, we’ve finally met, I had been waiting. You can probably tell from that little ode to a blazer how much I love them. They are seriously the most simple piece of clothing and the most versatile. They are great for this type of weather too because while they are long-sleeved usually, they are made with thinner material which makes it perfect for when it gets warmer out. Now there’s the classic black blazer which you can literally pair with anything, but becoming more and more popular are blazers in different colors. Pair it with a white-tee and some basic blue jeans and you’re good to go and totally Kardashian-esque (their clothing style, not their love lives).





Trench Coat

I’m not talking about something straight out of a Burberry ad, although how awesome would owning one of those be? If you wear a thick wool coat at this point in the year with the weather the way its been, you are going to either sweat all of your makeup off or take the jacket off instantly, actually probably both. So don’t rock that version of the jacket. There is a much thinner material version of this jacket which just so happens to be perfect for this type of weather. I love the basic khaki/camel colored ones, with some black jeans and flats. Very Parisian chic.







Another week in the books. Hope you all rocked your midterms or are kicking major butt studying for them! Hopefully this week’s blog will give you some ideas to help make dressing for your long days a little bit easier.

So even when it’s completely dreary and you have no idea what the weather is going to be like (sorry I just really liked it, obvs stay cool when its a trick weather day and the sun comes out):

Now you’re DTD!


P.S. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!

Gettin’ In On Some Lip Action

I’m a girlie girl, I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve got plenty of tomboyness in me and can probably go head to head with any guy when it comes to talking about sports, but boy oh boy do I love me a great tube of lipstick. Bright, dark, nude colors, I love ’em all. Now in the winter, you’d think it’d a little harder to wear any color of lipstick that you want, but it’s actually just as easy as it is in any other season.

With all of the lipstick colors on the page, especially because you are in fact wearing them in the dead of winter, you have to make sure to keep the rest of your makeup toned down. One swipe of any of these is literally like a piece of statement jewelry for your face. It’s something that you don’t need a bunch of and also doesn’t need too big of a supporting cast because it does most of the job on its own. All you need is a couple extra props and some killer confidence, and you’ve got it. And what I especially love about all of these colors is that if you aren’t that comfortable having something so punchy on your face, you can tone the colors down. Blot some off or just don’t apply as many coats. But if you’re going to rock these colors, I say you rock em’ hard, leave people in your lipstick dust (if there was such a thing).


Anyone and everyone gets dry, chapped lips in the winter. Not only is it not pretty, it definitely doesn’t feel too great either. We all have had those days where we’re scared to even open our mouths because of the fear of how bad it is going to hurt. According to WebMD, the biggest problem we face when it comes to chapped, dry lips is licking them. While it’s good to keep affected lips moist with chapstick, saliva dries lips out even further. So stop licking and keep that chapstick within reach at all times. Your lips will thank you. Not only will your lips thank you, but lipstick will apply much easier and even across the surface of your lips the smoother that they are. You don’t want your lipstick to looked like it has jagged rocks in it, i.e. your dry lips. So take care of them this winter!


I absolutely adore this color! I would literally wear it all day everyday if I could. It’s what I imagine only someone like Barbie could wear, but it’s actually totally doable in everyday, non-plastic life. This color itself is Revlon’s Fuschia color. I saw it on Glamour’s website and ran to CVS that day, no joke. But anyways, to tone this color down for wear during the day time, I lightly dusted some gold/champagne colored shadow along the lashlines and added a bit underneath and met the two lines at the outer corner of the eye. This is just enough shimmer to brighten up the eye but not so much that you look like you’re about to go all Toddlers and Tiaras College Edition. (I guess that’d just be a regular old pageant, right?) Add some mascara and eyes are done. To brighten the cheeks, I just used a little bit of highlighter on the cheek bone area and extended it up to the temple region.



What a classic color, holy moly I love it. When you think of red lipstick, I’m sure you don’t think it is something that you can get away with wearing during the day time. But then again, do any of these really seem like they would be daytime appropriate? Not really, and yet, they all are (ta-da). Whenever I think of red lipstick, I think of glamour and bad-a$$edness. I love pairing this lipstick with black on the eyes, another classic. For day time, I like a nice line of black liner/shadow on the upper lashline. It is enough to give depth to the eye, but not enough to make it seem like you’re about to hit the town. You can add a bit on the bottom for a little pick me up, but be careful as to how much you put and how thick you make it. If I do this, I like to put it on the bottom rim closest to the outside corner of my eye, and only one the outer 1/4 of the rim, just enough to give some depth. For night time, all you’d have to do is probably darken the line you already have and add eyeliner on the bottom if you don’t have any already. But for day, that’s probably going to be a little much. For the rest of the face, just add some highlighter on the cheeks and you’re all done.



Orange probably isn’t the first color when you think of first lipstick and second a lipstick color that would look good rather than tacky. Well, and I’m really sorry to say this but, you’re wrong. Who am I kidding, I love being right. But in this case, I am very right. To wear this shade in the winter and not look like you’re about to hit the plane for spring break, I gave Kayla some light bronzer on her cheeks just to add a little warmth to her face. It may be the dead of winter but you still want to look like there’s some life to ya. On her eyes, I put some darker green eyeshadow as eyeliner on her upper lashline and layered some lighter green above that. Then, I added a swipe of the lighter shade underneath the eye to brighten it up a bit. These are Greensmoke and Sumptuous Olive, both from MAC, and I love the affect they give each other when worn together and also the little bit of shimmer they have. Add some mascara to open up the eyes and bam, you’re all done.



This color probably seems like it would be the most intimidating one to wear out of all the lipsticks on the page. But don’t fear, it is actually quite simple. I say if you’re going to rock this color, might as well go full vamp. Make it dark and bold, show it off to the world. But make sure at the same time, you keep the rest of the face simple. For Emily, I added a rim of lighter gold shadow around her lashlines, just to pick up her eyes a bit and add some shimmer to her face. This is MAC eyeshadow in Honeylust and I think may be the shade I use the absolute most. It’s definitely on permanent stock in my makeup collection. Anyways, back to Emily, put some mascara on the top and bottom lashes and wah-lah. Then, I just added a touch of light highlighter on her cheeks to give her some color.


Well there you have it, another week gone by already. Remember, these lipsticks pretty much speak for themselves and they’ve got you wearing them so they don’t need a bunch of extra stuff around them. Be wary of any super amounts of lip gloss if it’s windy outside, learned that tidbit the hard way unfortunately.”

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to swipe on one of these great colors as you’re getting ready to take on the day. If you’re in  need of a little confidence boost, any one of these will definitely do the trick. Like Bobbi Brown says, they and you are “Pretty Powerful.”


Now you’re DTD! (Hope you’re excited)



P.S. Good luck on all your midterms!

Hats on Hats on Hats

Did you know that you lose a tremendous amount of body heat from your head, especially when it’s cold out? Of course you did, right?! That’s why when your mom always put a hat on you when you were little in the wintertime, you easily obliged and never threw a temper tantrum and tried to rip it off your head. As it turns out, your mother was actually right on this one (Shocker! Take a deep breath. Okay, good. It is all going to be okay.) and had good reason for shoving that bright pink flowered hat on your head. (P.S. You don’t have to tell her I said that.) At least these days, we’ve upgraded from Gymboree, mom-picked-out headwear.

Hats are a great and stylish way to keep your head dry, ears warm and hairstyle intact. And boy do I love me a good winter head of hair. It’s so soft, doesn’t get sweaty and keeps for days. Hello, hair heaven. But back to the main point, a good hat that protects all that is winter-touched is very important. Now I’m not talking about royal wedding fascinator crazy (a la Princess Beatrice or even Sue Sylvester on this week’s Glee), there are much more “commoner appropriate” types of headwear to wear in the winter. And let’s be honest, as out there as some of those hats are, they really aren’t going to provide you any type of warmth.

The Beanie

Who doesn’t own/love a good beanie? Right, everyone does. You can’t live in Athens and not own this type of hat. The beanie in particular is probably the most popular type of winter hat and for good reason. They keep your head super warm, and not to mention, are really cute. There are several different styles of this type of hat, so there is bound to be one that is the perfect fit to your outfit of choice.

On one hand, there is the thicker material beanie, usually made from wool or a cable/sweater like material. A lot of times, this kind of hat has fun little strings hanging down or has what looks like “poof balls” on top. These hats come in all different colors and patterns, so there is bound to be one to match your outfit of choice.

Another type of beanie is usually made of thinner material and worn off the back of the head rather than pulled down over the forehead area. These hats are more of an accessory than the first type of beanie, because they don’t go as far in the “keeping the head warm” department. They will keep the back of your head warm and your hairstyle intact, but they aren’t made for heavy duty keeping you warm like the first one.

As far as ways to wear your hair, you probably don’t want to rock any type of high ponytail or bun with these hats. They either won’t stay on your head, or it will look like you haven’t a giant bump sticking out the back of your skull. So hair down in an option, or anything off the side, like a side pony, low bun, or a braid. Mix your braid styles up. It’s a great time to be creative with these types of hairstyles, because you can really only see the hair that sticks out of the bottom of your head. Go crazy, have fun with it. Also, when wearing the type of beanie that sits toward the back of your head, be sure to bobby pin it in place, so it doesn’t fall of your head.

The Flapper/Trapper Hat

Seemingly once just a hat used when lumber-jacking, hunting, or fishing, the flapper style hat is now utterly fashionable. Not only that, but the sides of the hat go down over your ears so it ensures that they stay nice and toasty along with the rest of your head. This is definitely a good hat to wear on an extremely cold day in Athens. As far as this hat goes, I think it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t come off too manly or too butch but also, be careful not to put this hat atop your head if you’re dressed like a ballerina. You have to find a good balance between soft and tough with this hat, think “sensible snow chic.” Try some skinny or straight leg jeans, some tough boots on your feet, a sweater on top, and of course the hat. Stay clear from a behind the head ponytail with this hat as well. I just have visions of mullets with this hat and it is certainly not a pretty picture. Keep your hair level with the nape of your neck of lower, don’t pull it up higher than that to make sure you’re not mistaken for someone about to go shoot some clay pigeons.

The Fedora

No, they aren’t just for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline anymore – or Britney Spears, circa Justin Timberlake and denim days. The fedora is a fashion statement not for the faint at heart – a piece of apparel that is going to keep your head the least warm out of all the hats on this page, mainly because it just sits on your head, rather than forming around the shape of your head. To rock this hat, channel courage and keep the rest of your outfit pretty basic. I’m talking basic jeans, lots of layers on top (think sweaters, button downs, scarves) and bam! The fascinator on top. Add killer bracelets to glam up your arms. Arm party!

The Bucket Hat

I absolutely love bucket hats! I got a new one at Target on clearance over break and it is my favorite! I love the way it kind of makes me feel like I’m a kid again but at the same time, makes me feel adult. Weird, I know. (I’m actually wearing it as we speak I love it so much. My roommate said that I remind her of the lady from 101 Dalmatians. I’m punishing her by not only knowing the actual character’s name but also by speaking in a British accent for the rest of the night) This hat is definitely a good one it if its raining or snowing because it completely covers your entire head and protects it from the elements.

I really love hair-down when wearing this hat, or even off to the side in a low pony or a braid. A normal, behind the head pony would work here, but it seems too “I’m off sightseeing and my hair can’t get in the way of my binoculars,” at least to me, a bun would be a better option if you wanted to wear your hair in the back.

Well there you have it! Hope all of these choices have literally made you “mad as a hatter.” Cheesy again I know. I’m one for quite obvious humor.

I hope you enjoy playing around with all these different types of hats! You’ll definitely be keeping your ears warm and looking mighty fine at the same time.

And now you’re DTD


(RIP Joe Pa. You were a living legend and will be truly missed)

Lookin’ Fine In Yo (Colored) Calvin Kleins

Let’s be honest, jeans are hands down, one of the absolute best inventions of all time. We all probably have way too many pairs and wear our favorites until they are forcibly taken out of our hands or thrown away without us knowing.

Before he died, famed fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent said, “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” So yeah, they’re kind of a big deal.

Since their invention in the late 1800s, the infamous pair of blue jeans has come an extremely far way. And yet today, a century and a half later, we are still finding ways to evolve the fashion staple even more. What’s on everyone’s radar now: colored jeans.

So when you’re thinking about getting dressed on these cold winter mornings, instead of throwing on just another random pair of Levis, mix it up a bit. Wearing colored denim is such an easy way to keep you nice and toasty, but keep your fashion game at a high level.

What I really love about all of these colored jeans is that you can keep the top you wear simple, and really go wild with accessories. (And boy, oh boy, do I love a great pair of earrings.) Play with scarves and hats, too. Winter is a wonderful time for fashion because the colder it is, the more you have to layer up, which in turn equals more you get to choose from. It’s like a season’s long gift of more clothing choices.

Red Jeans

What better way to brighten your winter look than a pair of fire engine red jeans. It’s the equivalent of seeing a Gwen Stefani makeup ad with her infamous red lip stick. Umm hi gorgeous, didn’t see you there.

But because red denim is so very “in your face,” as are the rest of the pants on this page, it’s best to keep your top half more understated.

Check out OU student Stephanie Craze in this pic. She took her red jeans all the way to Paris (jealous, first off). By pairing her bright pants with all black on top, she is able to keep the focus on her awesome jeans but still looks extremely put together. Her black boots pull the whole thing together and sort of almost frame the pants around the black of the rest of the outfit. I also like that the bag she’s rocking isn’t red or black but is a shade of brown or a dark red. Too much of a good thing is still too much. The bag is the perfect way to not overdo the black or the red in the outfit.

I love Jessica Alba in this picture. She’s got a basic white tee, a black blazer, black boots, and some jewelry. The jeans make the outfit. And check out that guy clearly liking the view he’s getting as she’s walking by.

Shenae Grimes goes with the same type of color combo here but adds a graphic shirt rather than a plain old white one. She’s clearly going for a rocker, badass look, topped off with a leather jacket. Both ladies look stunning.

Both ladies look stunning. Or, go royal-by-connection and rock a sweet plaid shirt like Pippa Middleton does in this picture. The reason her shirt works with her red jeans is because the colors are simple. Black and white, no fuss. I’d pair a pair of these with either one of those looks, or you can also add a black and white striped shirt as well, or even go with a nautical theme and wear a shirt with blue stripes.

OU student Nicole Mainwaring wore hers for a night on the town (around last year might I add, she was way ahead on this trend). She paired hers with a white tank and black heels for a perfect color blocked look. If she was wearing this in winter, she’d definitely need a jacket but her supporting ensemble to the red jeans is spot on.

Another way to rock red jeans is to add a chambray (denim) shirt. Pair this look with a pair of chucks for a more tomboyish look or flats if you’re feeling more ladylike. There’s fairisle print, which is also “in” right now. Pair a sweater with this print with these jeans for a wintery wonderland look.

The key to this look is to not have a bunch of colors or a bunch of outrageous other pieces. A slouchy sweater in a solid color like black or white would look great too. If you go this route, pile on the accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, layer em’ all up.

Blue (like cobalt bright blue) Jeans

Yes, these are technically blue jeans but no, they are not the same thing as the usual pair you always find on your floor and put on in a late haste to class. This blue is much much bolder and brighter.

 For this pair, you could totally rock a white tee/black blazer a la Jessica Alba from the Red Jeans section. With blue, I think you have to be more careful of what colors you choose to pair your jeans with, so you don’t end up looking too left field or too much like an American flag. Keep your colors muted up top. Can’t you just imagine a grayish slouchy sweater atop this bad boy pair of pants? My day is brightened just thinking about it. It’s like sexy coziness, brilliant if I do say so myself. Because these colors have brightness to them, whatever you wear on top, I like a darker color or white. If it was springtime, that’d be a different story. I’m all for pops of color but I can’t say that a bright shirt here would look the best during wintertime.

Check out another OU student Emily Walker in this pic. She paired her blue blue jeans with a white, flowy top. Pure gorgeousness.

And look at this fancy lady, clearly a fashionista. She paired her pants with a camel trench coat, another item blowing up the fashion scene this winter. Check out her scarf, its a lighter fabric but the perfect amount of chic. She stayed in the same color scheme with a light blue oxford but the trench and the scarf break it all up and keep from looking like a skinnier Cookie Monster.

Green Jeans

This jean color is sure to make people “green” with envy. (Yes, I realize that was too easy and somewhat cheesy, but I had to.) This pair of pants probably seems like it would be the hardest to wear out of all the colors on this page, but its actually just as easy to wear as the first two. Here, we see Fergie and all her fierceness rocking a pair of bright green jeans with a simple black and gray look on top.

The jeans are the eye-catcher of the outfit; they draw attention in. You don’t want to give people a headache when they are looking at your outfit, give them one place to look at first, don’t have their heads shaking everywhere trying to find a safe place to rest their eyes. I would love this outfit with a simple black top and loads of antique gold jewelry. Add some black combat books to toughen it up or some flats for a more girlie look. Rock a braid with the boots and a topknot with flats and ooh la la. Or, wear a white shirt and go wild with your jewelry. Load up the colors or go all black with the accessories.

Well there you go. Just when you thought jeans couldn’t get cooler and easier to wear, it turns out that that is exactly what happens. So pick a pair, any pair, and work the streets of Athens like your own mini runway.

Thank you thank you thank you to Stephanie, Nicole and Emily for letting me use pictures of their fabulous selves!

And now you’re DTD (down to dress)


(Happy Birthday Mom)

Dresses in the winter? Say whatttt

I absolutely adore dresses. If there is ever a day I’m struggling to figure out what to wear, I go to my extremely small apartment closet (praying the whole time the closet rod is actually still intact from all the weight on it), pick out a dress that catches my eye, and go from there.
Now winter obviously isn’t the more opportune time to wear your favorite dresses, unless you enjoy being absolutely ridiculously cold and you enjoy people gawking at you wondering why on earth you would have that much skin showing when they can already physically see your breath.
The key is wearing a lighter dress during the winter is about adding layers, whether its underneath, on top, or both. I also really like pairing dresses with boots, especially in winter because one its keeps your feet warm and two, they just look good. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to bust out your favorite dresses and brighten up your daily look even in this chilly weather.

Dress 1: The Maxi
Who doesn’t love a good maxi dress? To me, there is something so elegant and goddessy about a long, flowing dress. Maxi dresses are however typically very light and airy, certainly not the best material to keep you warm during the winter. This dress is extremely easy to transfer into winter wear, probably the one that takes the shortest amount of time out of all the dresses on the blog. First, add a pair of tights or leggings underneath to keep your legs warm. You can use any color if your dress isn’t see through but if it is, you may want to use a color that matches your skin tone or one that matches the dress. Or you can go for an edgier look and use black or another color that doesn’t exactly match and contrasts the dress. Toughen up your look with some boots on your feet. I love a good pair of moto-looking boots but riding or combat boots would look great too. The boots also ground the outfit a bit and make it a bit tougher in order to deal with Old Man Winter. Throw on a basic colored pea coat if your dress is more intricate with its design or pair a coat with a design with a solid-colored dress. Any hair style I think would look great with this look. Long and flowing adds to the airiness of the look. You could also wear a black beret type hat to keep your hair all under control (part of the reason we discovered this was Emily’s lovely hair do when this photo shoot was occurring). A top knot would look great with a killer pair of dangly earrings.

Dress 2: The Floral Dress
Everybody has a great floral dress in their closet. Whether you bought it for Easter Sunday, a spring date night or you just really like flowers, the chances are that you can find one in the back of your closet. I especially love this in the winter because it adds some brightness to a dimmer day. To winterize this very spring/summery piece of clothing, I added this long sweater coat and some tall riding boots. You can also add some chunkier lower boots and scrunch a pair of socks that stick out the top. We added this light pink scarf and wrapped it all the way around so it wasn’t hanging in front of the dress. Add some girly dangly earrings, some rings, and you’re all set.

Dress 3: The Jumper Dress
When is the last time you took a really good look at an old jumper dress that you had hiding in the back of your closet? There’s something so ten-year-old gymboree about it. But fear not, there is a way to not only transform this dress for adults but also make it wearable for winter. All you need is too add a turtleneck underneath, I like this striped one because it adds more dimension to the dress. You could also use a plain white one, which adds for a simpler palette to accessorize. Or, wear a color one for some brightness. Add some tights or leggings, boots, and you’re good to go. If you go with a plain turtleneck, add some jazzier tights rather than just plain ones to spice up the outfit a little more. Add a great statement necklace or a great chunky pair of earrings, some bangles on the arm and you’re good to go. I like the braid that Kayla is wearing in this outfit because it kind of brings back some of the girlieness that is associated with the jumper. Put some taller boots on your feet to again just toughen the look up as well as keep your feet warm.

Dress 4: The Lace Dress
Lace is absolutely everywhere these days! While the dainty fabric may seem super flimsy, it holds its own against the winter weather when you add a few key pieces to it. For this look: I just took this white lace dress, added some back leggings, a black longsleeve shirt (a turtleneck would look great too), a red pea coat for a pop of color, a black snood (this new circular scarf thing, any wrapped scarf would do) and a black scrunchie beanie. Grounding the look again with a pair of moto boots. You could switch out the hat for a beanie for more head coverage, use a yellow coat, change it up to fit your style and closet. A pair of pretty chandelier earrings would also look great or your favorite pair of pearls. I really like the side pony that Kayla is wearing in this look because it adds a fun vibe to it. You could also let your hair flow freely and use the beanie to keep it all under control. Don’t be afraid to wear hats! I swear they are like a secret weapon, especially on bad hair days. She looks straight out of Paris in the wintertime (or what I’m assuming they wear in Paris), Tres’ Chic.

Dress 5: The Sweater Dress
This dress is obviously the one thats going to be the most appropriate for winter weather before you add a bunch of other parts to the outfit. Both of these dresses didn’t need all that much to be ready to go for daily wear when the thermostat drops. For the brown dress, we stayed in the brown family and added a brown leather (fake btw) jacket and some chunky boots. You can switch out the laces but I like that the red gives the outfit a pop of color. You could also add a really cool shorter necklace to this or some vintage/antiquey like earrings to complete the look. With the black dress, we added some riding boots to give more leg coverage. A peacoat kicks it into gear another notch as well. The detailed headband adds a little sparkle to the outfit.









Dress 6: Plain Black Dress
This is probably one of my favorite looks on this page. Faux fur is just as popular as lace is right now. This outfit would be a great one to wear when hittin’ the town after a  long rough week of classes. Here, we just took a bunch of black: black dress, tights, boots and added that faux fur vest on top. The vest packs a whole bunch of character so its best to pair it with a more basic outfit. The all black canvas is perfect for this. Add some fierce chunky earrings, some red lipstick, throw your hair in a top knot and bam, you’re good to go.

Blog 1 is in the books! A very special shout-out and thank you to my gorgeous roommates Kayla and Emily for letting me play dress up with them, especially on Grey’s Anatomy and Jersey Shore night.

Hopefully these pictures will inspire you all to get creative and keep your style alive in the dead of winter. Comments of any kind are so very much appreciated!

And now you’re all DTD (down to dress),


(Also, Happy Birthday Dad!)