Dresses in the winter? Say whatttt

I absolutely adore dresses. If there is ever a day I’m struggling to figure out what to wear, I go to my extremely small apartment closet (praying the whole time the closet rod is actually still intact from all the weight on it), pick out a dress that catches my eye, and go from there.
Now winter obviously isn’t the more opportune time to wear your favorite dresses, unless you enjoy being absolutely ridiculously cold and you enjoy people gawking at you wondering why on earth you would have that much skin showing when they can already physically see your breath.
The key is wearing a lighter dress during the winter is about adding layers, whether its underneath, on top, or both. I also really like pairing dresses with boots, especially in winter because one its keeps your feet warm and two, they just look good. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to bust out your favorite dresses and brighten up your daily look even in this chilly weather.

Dress 1: The Maxi
Who doesn’t love a good maxi dress? To me, there is something so elegant and goddessy about a long, flowing dress. Maxi dresses are however typically very light and airy, certainly not the best material to keep you warm during the winter. This dress is extremely easy to transfer into winter wear, probably the one that takes the shortest amount of time out of all the dresses on the blog. First, add a pair of tights or leggings underneath to keep your legs warm. You can use any color if your dress isn’t see through but if it is, you may want to use a color that matches your skin tone or one that matches the dress. Or you can go for an edgier look and use black or another color that doesn’t exactly match and contrasts the dress. Toughen up your look with some boots on your feet. I love a good pair of moto-looking boots but riding or combat boots would look great too. The boots also ground the outfit a bit and make it a bit tougher in order to deal with Old Man Winter. Throw on a basic colored pea coat if your dress is more intricate with its design or pair a coat with a design with a solid-colored dress. Any hair style I think would look great with this look. Long and flowing adds to the airiness of the look. You could also wear a black beret type hat to keep your hair all under control (part of the reason we discovered this was Emily’s lovely hair do when this photo shoot was occurring). A top knot would look great with a killer pair of dangly earrings.

Dress 2: The Floral Dress
Everybody has a great floral dress in their closet. Whether you bought it for Easter Sunday, a spring date night or you just really like flowers, the chances are that you can find one in the back of your closet. I especially love this in the winter because it adds some brightness to a dimmer day. To winterize this very spring/summery piece of clothing, I added this long sweater coat and some tall riding boots. You can also add some chunkier lower boots and scrunch a pair of socks that stick out the top. We added this light pink scarf and wrapped it all the way around so it wasn’t hanging in front of the dress. Add some girly dangly earrings, some rings, and you’re all set.

Dress 3: The Jumper Dress
When is the last time you took a really good look at an old jumper dress that you had hiding in the back of your closet? There’s something so ten-year-old gymboree about it. But fear not, there is a way to not only transform this dress for adults but also make it wearable for winter. All you need is too add a turtleneck underneath, I like this striped one because it adds more dimension to the dress. You could also use a plain white one, which adds for a simpler palette to accessorize. Or, wear a color one for some brightness. Add some tights or leggings, boots, and you’re good to go. If you go with a plain turtleneck, add some jazzier tights rather than just plain ones to spice up the outfit a little more. Add a great statement necklace or a great chunky pair of earrings, some bangles on the arm and you’re good to go. I like the braid that Kayla is wearing in this outfit because it kind of brings back some of the girlieness that is associated with the jumper. Put some taller boots on your feet to again just toughen the look up as well as keep your feet warm.

Dress 4: The Lace Dress
Lace is absolutely everywhere these days! While the dainty fabric may seem super flimsy, it holds its own against the winter weather when you add a few key pieces to it. For this look: I just took this white lace dress, added some back leggings, a black longsleeve shirt (a turtleneck would look great too), a red pea coat for a pop of color, a black snood (this new circular scarf thing, any wrapped scarf would do) and a black scrunchie beanie. Grounding the look again with a pair of moto boots. You could switch out the hat for a beanie for more head coverage, use a yellow coat, change it up to fit your style and closet. A pair of pretty chandelier earrings would also look great or your favorite pair of pearls. I really like the side pony that Kayla is wearing in this look because it adds a fun vibe to it. You could also let your hair flow freely and use the beanie to keep it all under control. Don’t be afraid to wear hats! I swear they are like a secret weapon, especially on bad hair days. She looks straight out of Paris in the wintertime (or what I’m assuming they wear in Paris), Tres’ Chic.

Dress 5: The Sweater Dress
This dress is obviously the one thats going to be the most appropriate for winter weather before you add a bunch of other parts to the outfit. Both of these dresses didn’t need all that much to be ready to go for daily wear when the thermostat drops. For the brown dress, we stayed in the brown family and added a brown leather (fake btw) jacket and some chunky boots. You can switch out the laces but I like that the red gives the outfit a pop of color. You could also add a really cool shorter necklace to this or some vintage/antiquey like earrings to complete the look. With the black dress, we added some riding boots to give more leg coverage. A peacoat kicks it into gear another notch as well. The detailed headband adds a little sparkle to the outfit.









Dress 6: Plain Black Dress
This is probably one of my favorite looks on this page. Faux fur is just as popular as lace is right now. This outfit would be a great one to wear when hittin’ the town after a  long rough week of classes. Here, we just took a bunch of black: black dress, tights, boots and added that faux fur vest on top. The vest packs a whole bunch of character so its best to pair it with a more basic outfit. The all black canvas is perfect for this. Add some fierce chunky earrings, some red lipstick, throw your hair in a top knot and bam, you’re good to go.

Blog 1 is in the books! A very special shout-out and thank you to my gorgeous roommates Kayla and Emily for letting me play dress up with them, especially on Grey’s Anatomy and Jersey Shore night.

Hopefully these pictures will inspire you all to get creative and keep your style alive in the dead of winter. Comments of any kind are so very much appreciated!

And now you’re all DTD (down to dress),


(Also, Happy Birthday Dad!)


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