Lookin’ Fine In Yo (Colored) Calvin Kleins

Let’s be honest, jeans are hands down, one of the absolute best inventions of all time. We all probably have way too many pairs and wear our favorites until they are forcibly taken out of our hands or thrown away without us knowing.

Before he died, famed fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent said, “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” So yeah, they’re kind of a big deal.

Since their invention in the late 1800s, the infamous pair of blue jeans has come an extremely far way. And yet today, a century and a half later, we are still finding ways to evolve the fashion staple even more. What’s on everyone’s radar now: colored jeans.

So when you’re thinking about getting dressed on these cold winter mornings, instead of throwing on just another random pair of Levis, mix it up a bit. Wearing colored denim is such an easy way to keep you nice and toasty, but keep your fashion game at a high level.

What I really love about all of these colored jeans is that you can keep the top you wear simple, and really go wild with accessories. (And boy, oh boy, do I love a great pair of earrings.) Play with scarves and hats, too. Winter is a wonderful time for fashion because the colder it is, the more you have to layer up, which in turn equals more you get to choose from. It’s like a season’s long gift of more clothing choices.

Red Jeans

What better way to brighten your winter look than a pair of fire engine red jeans. It’s the equivalent of seeing a Gwen Stefani makeup ad with her infamous red lip stick. Umm hi gorgeous, didn’t see you there.

But because red denim is so very “in your face,” as are the rest of the pants on this page, it’s best to keep your top half more understated.

Check out OU student Stephanie Craze in this pic. She took her red jeans all the way to Paris (jealous, first off). By pairing her bright pants with all black on top, she is able to keep the focus on her awesome jeans but still looks extremely put together. Her black boots pull the whole thing together and sort of almost frame the pants around the black of the rest of the outfit. I also like that the bag she’s rocking isn’t red or black but is a shade of brown or a dark red. Too much of a good thing is still too much. The bag is the perfect way to not overdo the black or the red in the outfit.

I love Jessica Alba in this picture. She’s got a basic white tee, a black blazer, black boots, and some jewelry. The jeans make the outfit. And check out that guy clearly liking the view he’s getting as she’s walking by.

Shenae Grimes goes with the same type of color combo here but adds a graphic shirt rather than a plain old white one. She’s clearly going for a rocker, badass look, topped off with a leather jacket. Both ladies look stunning.

Both ladies look stunning. Or, go royal-by-connection and rock a sweet plaid shirt like Pippa Middleton does in this picture. The reason her shirt works with her red jeans is because the colors are simple. Black and white, no fuss. I’d pair a pair of these with either one of those looks, or you can also add a black and white striped shirt as well, or even go with a nautical theme and wear a shirt with blue stripes.

OU student Nicole Mainwaring wore hers for a night on the town (around last year might I add, she was way ahead on this trend). She paired hers with a white tank and black heels for a perfect color blocked look. If she was wearing this in winter, she’d definitely need a jacket but her supporting ensemble to the red jeans is spot on.

Another way to rock red jeans is to add a chambray (denim) shirt. Pair this look with a pair of chucks for a more tomboyish look or flats if you’re feeling more ladylike. There’s fairisle print, which is also “in” right now. Pair a sweater with this print with these jeans for a wintery wonderland look.

The key to this look is to not have a bunch of colors or a bunch of outrageous other pieces. A slouchy sweater in a solid color like black or white would look great too. If you go this route, pile on the accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, layer em’ all up.

Blue (like cobalt bright blue) Jeans

Yes, these are technically blue jeans but no, they are not the same thing as the usual pair you always find on your floor and put on in a late haste to class. This blue is much much bolder and brighter.

 For this pair, you could totally rock a white tee/black blazer a la Jessica Alba from the Red Jeans section. With blue, I think you have to be more careful of what colors you choose to pair your jeans with, so you don’t end up looking too left field or too much like an American flag. Keep your colors muted up top. Can’t you just imagine a grayish slouchy sweater atop this bad boy pair of pants? My day is brightened just thinking about it. It’s like sexy coziness, brilliant if I do say so myself. Because these colors have brightness to them, whatever you wear on top, I like a darker color or white. If it was springtime, that’d be a different story. I’m all for pops of color but I can’t say that a bright shirt here would look the best during wintertime.

Check out another OU student Emily Walker in this pic. She paired her blue blue jeans with a white, flowy top. Pure gorgeousness.

And look at this fancy lady, clearly a fashionista. She paired her pants with a camel trench coat, another item blowing up the fashion scene this winter. Check out her scarf, its a lighter fabric but the perfect amount of chic. She stayed in the same color scheme with a light blue oxford but the trench and the scarf break it all up and keep from looking like a skinnier Cookie Monster.

Green Jeans

This jean color is sure to make people “green” with envy. (Yes, I realize that was too easy and somewhat cheesy, but I had to.) This pair of pants probably seems like it would be the hardest to wear out of all the colors on this page, but its actually just as easy to wear as the first two. Here, we see Fergie and all her fierceness rocking a pair of bright green jeans with a simple black and gray look on top.

The jeans are the eye-catcher of the outfit; they draw attention in. You don’t want to give people a headache when they are looking at your outfit, give them one place to look at first, don’t have their heads shaking everywhere trying to find a safe place to rest their eyes. I would love this outfit with a simple black top and loads of antique gold jewelry. Add some black combat books to toughen it up or some flats for a more girlie look. Rock a braid with the boots and a topknot with flats and ooh la la. Or, wear a white shirt and go wild with your jewelry. Load up the colors or go all black with the accessories.

Well there you go. Just when you thought jeans couldn’t get cooler and easier to wear, it turns out that that is exactly what happens. So pick a pair, any pair, and work the streets of Athens like your own mini runway.

Thank you thank you thank you to Stephanie, Nicole and Emily for letting me use pictures of their fabulous selves!

And now you’re DTD (down to dress)


(Happy Birthday Mom)


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