Hats on Hats on Hats

Did you know that you lose a tremendous amount of body heat from your head, especially when it’s cold out? Of course you did, right?! That’s why when your mom always put a hat on you when you were little in the wintertime, you easily obliged and never threw a temper tantrum and tried to rip it off your head. As it turns out, your mother was actually right on this one (Shocker! Take a deep breath. Okay, good. It is all going to be okay.) and had good reason for shoving that bright pink flowered hat on your head. (P.S. You don’t have to tell her I said that.) At least these days, we’ve upgraded from Gymboree, mom-picked-out headwear.

Hats are a great and stylish way to keep your head dry, ears warm and hairstyle intact. And boy do I love me a good winter head of hair. It’s so soft, doesn’t get sweaty and keeps for days. Hello, hair heaven. But back to the main point, a good hat that protects all that is winter-touched is very important. Now I’m not talking about royal wedding fascinator crazy (a la Princess Beatrice or even Sue Sylvester on this week’s Glee), there are much more “commoner appropriate” types of headwear to wear in the winter. And let’s be honest, as out there as some of those hats are, they really aren’t going to provide you any type of warmth.

The Beanie

Who doesn’t own/love a good beanie? Right, everyone does. You can’t live in Athens and not own this type of hat. The beanie in particular is probably the most popular type of winter hat and for good reason. They keep your head super warm, and not to mention, are really cute. There are several different styles of this type of hat, so there is bound to be one that is the perfect fit to your outfit of choice.

On one hand, there is the thicker material beanie, usually made from wool or a cable/sweater like material. A lot of times, this kind of hat has fun little strings hanging down or has what looks like “poof balls” on top. These hats come in all different colors and patterns, so there is bound to be one to match your outfit of choice.

Another type of beanie is usually made of thinner material and worn off the back of the head rather than pulled down over the forehead area. These hats are more of an accessory than the first type of beanie, because they don’t go as far in the “keeping the head warm” department. They will keep the back of your head warm and your hairstyle intact, but they aren’t made for heavy duty keeping you warm like the first one.

As far as ways to wear your hair, you probably don’t want to rock any type of high ponytail or bun with these hats. They either won’t stay on your head, or it will look like you haven’t a giant bump sticking out the back of your skull. So hair down in an option, or anything off the side, like a side pony, low bun, or a braid. Mix your braid styles up. It’s a great time to be creative with these types of hairstyles, because you can really only see the hair that sticks out of the bottom of your head. Go crazy, have fun with it. Also, when wearing the type of beanie that sits toward the back of your head, be sure to bobby pin it in place, so it doesn’t fall of your head.

The Flapper/Trapper Hat

Seemingly once just a hat used when lumber-jacking, hunting, or fishing, the flapper style hat is now utterly fashionable. Not only that, but the sides of the hat go down over your ears so it ensures that they stay nice and toasty along with the rest of your head. This is definitely a good hat to wear on an extremely cold day in Athens. As far as this hat goes, I think it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t come off too manly or too butch but also, be careful not to put this hat atop your head if you’re dressed like a ballerina. You have to find a good balance between soft and tough with this hat, think “sensible snow chic.” Try some skinny or straight leg jeans, some tough boots on your feet, a sweater on top, and of course the hat. Stay clear from a behind the head ponytail with this hat as well. I just have visions of mullets with this hat and it is certainly not a pretty picture. Keep your hair level with the nape of your neck of lower, don’t pull it up higher than that to make sure you’re not mistaken for someone about to go shoot some clay pigeons.

The Fedora

No, they aren’t just for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline anymore – or Britney Spears, circa Justin Timberlake and denim days. The fedora is a fashion statement not for the faint at heart – a piece of apparel that is going to keep your head the least warm out of all the hats on this page, mainly because it just sits on your head, rather than forming around the shape of your head. To rock this hat, channel courage and keep the rest of your outfit pretty basic. I’m talking basic jeans, lots of layers on top (think sweaters, button downs, scarves) and bam! The fascinator on top. Add killer bracelets to glam up your arms. Arm party!

The Bucket Hat

I absolutely love bucket hats! I got a new one at Target on clearance over break and it is my favorite! I love the way it kind of makes me feel like I’m a kid again but at the same time, makes me feel adult. Weird, I know. (I’m actually wearing it as we speak I love it so much. My roommate said that I remind her of the lady from 101 Dalmatians. I’m punishing her by not only knowing the actual character’s name but also by speaking in a British accent for the rest of the night) This hat is definitely a good one it if its raining or snowing because it completely covers your entire head and protects it from the elements.

I really love hair-down when wearing this hat, or even off to the side in a low pony or a braid. A normal, behind the head pony would work here, but it seems too “I’m off sightseeing and my hair can’t get in the way of my binoculars,” at least to me, a bun would be a better option if you wanted to wear your hair in the back.

Well there you have it! Hope all of these choices have literally made you “mad as a hatter.” Cheesy again I know. I’m one for quite obvious humor.

I hope you enjoy playing around with all these different types of hats! You’ll definitely be keeping your ears warm and looking mighty fine at the same time.

And now you’re DTD


(RIP Joe Pa. You were a living legend and will be truly missed)


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