Gettin’ In On Some Lip Action

I’m a girlie girl, I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve got plenty of tomboyness in me and can probably go head to head with any guy when it comes to talking about sports, but boy oh boy do I love me a great tube of lipstick. Bright, dark, nude colors, I love ’em all. Now in the winter, you’d think it’d a little harder to wear any color of lipstick that you want, but it’s actually just as easy as it is in any other season.

With all of the lipstick colors on the page, especially because you are in fact wearing them in the dead of winter, you have to make sure to keep the rest of your makeup toned down. One swipe of any of these is literally like a piece of statement jewelry for your face. It’s something that you don’t need a bunch of and also doesn’t need too big of a supporting cast because it does most of the job on its own. All you need is a couple extra props and some killer confidence, and you’ve got it. And what I especially love about all of these colors is that if you aren’t that comfortable having something so punchy on your face, you can tone the colors down. Blot some off or just don’t apply as many coats. But if you’re going to rock these colors, I say you rock em’ hard, leave people in your lipstick dust (if there was such a thing).


Anyone and everyone gets dry, chapped lips in the winter. Not only is it not pretty, it definitely doesn’t feel too great either. We all have had those days where we’re scared to even open our mouths because of the fear of how bad it is going to hurt. According to WebMD, the biggest problem we face when it comes to chapped, dry lips is licking them. While it’s good to keep affected lips moist with chapstick, saliva dries lips out even further. So stop licking and keep that chapstick within reach at all times. Your lips will thank you. Not only will your lips thank you, but lipstick will apply much easier and even across the surface of your lips the smoother that they are. You don’t want your lipstick to looked like it has jagged rocks in it, i.e. your dry lips. So take care of them this winter!


I absolutely adore this color! I would literally wear it all day everyday if I could. It’s what I imagine only someone like Barbie could wear, but it’s actually totally doable in everyday, non-plastic life. This color itself is Revlon’s Fuschia color. I saw it on Glamour’s website and ran to CVS that day, no joke. But anyways, to tone this color down for wear during the day time, I lightly dusted some gold/champagne colored shadow along the lashlines and added a bit underneath and met the two lines at the outer corner of the eye. This is just enough shimmer to brighten up the eye but not so much that you look like you’re about to go all Toddlers and Tiaras College Edition. (I guess that’d just be a regular old pageant, right?) Add some mascara and eyes are done. To brighten the cheeks, I just used a little bit of highlighter on the cheek bone area and extended it up to the temple region.



What a classic color, holy moly I love it. When you think of red lipstick, I’m sure you don’t think it is something that you can get away with wearing during the day time. But then again, do any of these really seem like they would be daytime appropriate? Not really, and yet, they all are (ta-da). Whenever I think of red lipstick, I think of glamour and bad-a$$edness. I love pairing this lipstick with black on the eyes, another classic. For day time, I like a nice line of black liner/shadow on the upper lashline. It is enough to give depth to the eye, but not enough to make it seem like you’re about to hit the town. You can add a bit on the bottom for a little pick me up, but be careful as to how much you put and how thick you make it. If I do this, I like to put it on the bottom rim closest to the outside corner of my eye, and only one the outer 1/4 of the rim, just enough to give some depth. For night time, all you’d have to do is probably darken the line you already have and add eyeliner on the bottom if you don’t have any already. But for day, that’s probably going to be a little much. For the rest of the face, just add some highlighter on the cheeks and you’re all done.



Orange probably isn’t the first color when you think of first lipstick and second a lipstick color that would look good rather than tacky. Well, and I’m really sorry to say this but, you’re wrong. Who am I kidding, I love being right. But in this case, I am very right. To wear this shade in the winter and not look like you’re about to hit the plane for spring break, I gave Kayla some light bronzer on her cheeks just to add a little warmth to her face. It may be the dead of winter but you still want to look like there’s some life to ya. On her eyes, I put some darker green eyeshadow as eyeliner on her upper lashline and layered some lighter green above that. Then, I added a swipe of the lighter shade underneath the eye to brighten it up a bit. These are Greensmoke and Sumptuous Olive, both from MAC, and I love the affect they give each other when worn together and also the little bit of shimmer they have. Add some mascara to open up the eyes and bam, you’re all done.



This color probably seems like it would be the most intimidating one to wear out of all the lipsticks on the page. But don’t fear, it is actually quite simple. I say if you’re going to rock this color, might as well go full vamp. Make it dark and bold, show it off to the world. But make sure at the same time, you keep the rest of the face simple. For Emily, I added a rim of lighter gold shadow around her lashlines, just to pick up her eyes a bit and add some shimmer to her face. This is MAC eyeshadow in Honeylust and I think may be the shade I use the absolute most. It’s definitely on permanent stock in my makeup collection. Anyways, back to Emily, put some mascara on the top and bottom lashes and wah-lah. Then, I just added a touch of light highlighter on her cheeks to give her some color.


Well there you have it, another week gone by already. Remember, these lipsticks pretty much speak for themselves and they’ve got you wearing them so they don’t need a bunch of extra stuff around them. Be wary of any super amounts of lip gloss if it’s windy outside, learned that tidbit the hard way unfortunately.”

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to swipe on one of these great colors as you’re getting ready to take on the day. If you’re in  need of a little confidence boost, any one of these will definitely do the trick. Like Bobbi Brown says, they and you are “Pretty Powerful.”


Now you’re DTD! (Hope you’re excited)



P.S. Good luck on all your midterms!


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