C-c-c-oat Checkkkk

Ok so straight up for a second, I am not one to joke about medical disorders. I don’t think it is a very funny topic and people take it way too lightly when they use the terms in everyday conversation. Now, I say this because with this week’s blog, I want to talk about how absolutely bi-polar this weather we are having is. It’s crazy right? One day there is snow on the ground and the next you’re walking around in a t-shirt, it definitely is a wee bit ridiculous. What’s even worse is trying to dress for this weather. It’s so frustrating when it changes day in and day out. Just when you remembered how much you love bundling up in your peacoat and beanies, the next day they are in the back of your closet for what seems like to be for good. So this blog is dedicated to how to keep layered up and warm but also layered up and not sweating your kahoonas off.


No, they aren’t just for Grandpas anymore. In today’s fashion, these piece come in all colors and patterns, some have elbow patches, some come cropped; there’s literally an entire plethora of cardigans to choose from. These are a great piece of clothing for this type of weather because they are thick enough to keep you warm but not so thick they are going to make you sweat out your breakfast. And even better, if you do get too hot, you can always roll it into a ball and throw it into your bag, it’s perfect. Pair it with jeans for a cozy look or put it over a dress and belt it for fancier look but still casual enough for everyday.

(P)leather Jacket

I love love love my fake leather jacket I got at Target about two years ago. It was seriously love at first sight, and it was on the clearance rack so obvs I had to get it. I still wear it today, especially around this time of year because it is perfect for this kind of weather. On those mornings when its chilly out, it is definitely something that is going to keep you warm but you keep it on all day even when it warms up a bit without sweating out of it. Rock this with a pair of skinnies and boots for a total Gwen Stefani BAMF look or use it to toughen up a dress. A dress with a leather jacket? Seriously awesome look, trust me.



Hello absolutely perfect piece of clothing, we’ve finally met, I had been waiting. You can probably tell from that little ode to a blazer how much I love them. They are seriously the most simple piece of clothing and the most versatile. They are great for this type of weather too because while they are long-sleeved usually, they are made with thinner material which makes it perfect for when it gets warmer out. Now there’s the classic black blazer which you can literally pair with anything, but becoming more and more popular are blazers in different colors. Pair it with a white-tee and some basic blue jeans and you’re good to go and totally Kardashian-esque (their clothing style, not their love lives).





Trench Coat

I’m not talking about something straight out of a Burberry ad, although how awesome would owning one of those be? If you wear a thick wool coat at this point in the year with the weather the way its been, you are going to either sweat all of your makeup off or take the jacket off instantly, actually probably both. So don’t rock that version of the jacket. There is a much thinner material version of this jacket which just so happens to be perfect for this type of weather. I love the basic khaki/camel colored ones, with some black jeans and flats. Very Parisian chic.







Another week in the books. Hope you all rocked your midterms or are kicking major butt studying for them! Hopefully this week’s blog will give you some ideas to help make dressing for your long days a little bit easier.

So even when it’s completely dreary and you have no idea what the weather is going to be like (sorry I just really liked it, obvs stay cool when its a trick weather day and the sun comes out):

Now you’re DTD!


P.S. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!


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