I Said Brr, It’s Cold Out Here (Yes this is a Bring It On reference, sorry I’m not sorry)

So I feel as if I jinxed the weather a little bit last week. There I was talking about how nice it’d been for whats supposed to be the middle of winter and then all of a sudden, we’re back to snow and sun-less days. It could’ve been good ole’ Puxatawney Phil but I’ll go ahead and take some of that blame too. So as my debt to all of you readers, (whom I absolutely adore might I add) this week I’m going to go the opposite route and talk about how to stay as chic as possible with the thickest coats imaginable on.

Now I have a love/hate relationship with thick coats. On one hand, they do keep me super warm but at the same time, I almost feel like I’m wasting an outfit underneath. Don’t you ever feel like that? When you put outfits together, you show the world who you are and how you’re feeling on any given day. But when it’s cold out, all the world can see is what you choose to cover up with. So that leaves only one option right? Make your outer layer as completely chic as humanly possible.

The Northface

Funny story: When my dad came up for Dad’s weekend, he seriously contemplated purchasing Northface stock. And let’s be honest, if you took one look around any northern campus in the winter time, we’d all be fools to not even contemplate looking deeper into this area of the stock market. But since that really isn’t my area of expertise, back to these handy jackets that as common to Athens campus as Saturday morning hangovers.

Now, I didn’t own a coveted Northface my first winter here because you don’t exactly need a jacket like this in Florida, at least not enough to actually purchase one. Imagine my astonishment those first frigid months back in 2008 at the sheer presence of these jackets everywhere. But I have to admit, after wearing my friend Katie’s for that first winter and finally crossing the bridge to full-fledged Ohioan when I got one for Chanukah that December, I’ve grown to love it. Mine is basic and black and it simply gets the job done. What is so great about them is how extremely practical they are and how easy they are to throw on and head out the door. That being said, it is very easy to feel sort of blah and disappear into the crowd when wearing them. So while this may be the least eventful of your winter coat collection, get one in a bright color or one with two colors. Add a cute hat on top to complete your cozy look. Show that you’ve got style when all you’re really worried about is getting to class before your fingers lose all feeling.


Oh boy oh boy do I love me a good peacoat. And have you ever noticed how a good-fitting peacoat looks on a man? (Why yes I am actually freezing but my insides are now on fire. That’s how good they look, well at in  my book).

To me, peacoats scream “I’m staying warm and looking refined and sophisticated at the same time. Booyah.” These are the perfect coat for college students because refinement is what we’re all about, right? (well some of the time) What I really like about these is that the peacoat is something that can stand on its own as the maker of an outfit. Want to really stand out with this one? Rock a red or yellow one in the dead of winter. You’ll keep yourself extremely warm, extremely chic, and not to mention extremely cheery. If you are feeling glum in a yellow peacoat, then I’m sorry something is not right there, and it definitely isn’t the coat. But keep the rest of your outfit simple. Understated elegance, remember that. Red peacoat, black jeans and black tough boots? Baller status. The girliness of the red coat gets balanced out with some tough, grounded boots. Yellow peacoat with some dark skinnies and maybe some flats if it isn’t snowing and you don’t have to walk that far? Lov-al-ly. Go with gray or black if you’re feeling more like the weather and want to show off your brooding side. An all black outfit in the winter? You’re either a mega bad-@$$ or belong on the streets of NYC. Who am I kidding, it’s totally both of those.


This has to be the mother of all winter coats. Long and puffy and full of just absolute warmth. But you have to be careful with this coat, or you’ll end up looking like a large marshmallow or even the Michelin man. Now he owns the puffed out look and can stop traffic in a good way. If you end up looking like him, there might certainly be a traffic jam and yes people will probably stare. The key with this coat is to keep it slim. Don’t pair this with baggy, boot-cut, flare type pants. Straight-leg jeans or leggings or skinny jeans, whatever your poison, is a must for this look. Go another step and belt it. Even if you don’t have the most perfect figure, (I mean how many Giseles and Alessandras can there actually be) give yourself a shape. My body is completely far from perfect (Courtney likes her cupcakes) but show off what you got. Rock your curves. Top it with some fierce winter footwear for an outfit that is perfectly “Eskimo-chic.” But be careful, people will probably feel the need to come up and bundle themselves in your utter warmness.

Well I hope looking at these jackets gave you some inspiration and the subtle humor cheered your cold bones up a little bit.

And just remember, panting and breathing heavy gives your cheeks a nice subtle glow, and who doesn’t want that? Bye bye blush, hello natural flush.

Now you’re DTD!


P.S. PSA: Watch out for frozen ice. It is not your friend!


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