UGG-G-L-Y You Ain’t Go No Alibi

There are hundreds upon thousands of fashion blogs on the Internet today. The Sartorialist is an extremely famous and extremely major fashion blog written by Scott Schuman dedicated to, as the blog says, “creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to everyday life.” Anyone who is anyone in the fashion world  or who just loves clothes or brilliant photography, fiends this blog and looks at it all the time. (And if you haven’t yet you should, because it is completely amazeballs and the pictures will seriously leave you in awe and make you want to jet-set right quick.)

Now, I bring the blog up because this week, the famous page made fashion headlines all across the vast Internet when it posted a picture of a person wearing Uggs. And not only were there three different pictures but the images were also accompanied by some styling tips for help on wearing them, including one about matching one’s boots to their dog.

For those of you who don’t find this as gasp worthy as others, Ugg boots aren’t considered to be all that fashionable of a shoe in the world outside of cold weather campuses like our dear Athens and other frozen tundra schools like ours. (I’d be willing to be that Anna Wintout permanently banned the page from her iPad bookmarks.)

So when this picture appeared, people began to repeatedly ask the question, “Have Uggs finally their way into the fashion spotlight? Or was Scotty-boy just making a sarcastic joke?” He did suggest matching a pair to one’s dog and Paris Hilton can’t even pull that one off and she can afford Tinkerbells and matching boots in every breed and color out there.

So because this is a winter-clothing based blog, this week I decided to debate the question that we are all thinking, “Are Uggs a fashion do now or will they always be a fashion don’t?”

First, the offending pictures:






Defendant’s Statement

I have to be honest, I did not own a pair of these boots (well I don’t actually own Uggs, more like Target Mossimo or Xhiliration brand, one of those) nor did I really even know about them until I moved here. And that first winter, BAM, it was like my Northface experience all over again (see previous blogs for that epic story). I got a pair and it was like my feet were in heaven. They may not look the greatest, but gosh darnit my feet sure were warm.

While they may not be the most attractive boot out there, Uggs can be practical for the type of weather that we experience during the winter months. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford super swanky fashiony snow boots, then please, get those, and please, let me see/borrow them (size 10 only on that second part). And if you can help it, wear your Uggs around the house only. There are so many other cute and practical boot options out there. Oh and one big huge no-no, do not, unless you’re running to take the trash out, wear Ugg boots with shorts. To put it nicely, it looks dumb. If you’re that cold, put on some pants.

Athens is a world in itself, anyone who has spent time here knows this. So in this frozen little world we have here in the winter, I find Ugg boots to be an acceptable part of the dress code. They are super easy to throw them on over jeans or sweats when you’re trekking through snow early in the morning on your way to class or you’re just walking to the gym and you’re not trying to run those treadmill miles with sopping wet sneakers. But be prepared for the real world, because many of Athens fashion rules do not even come close to applying.

Plaintiff’s Argument

I want to start this argument by sharing some of the comments that appeared on the Sartorialist’s page under the now infamous Uggs pictures.

“Uggggg, really?”


“NOOOOOOOO” (there were more Os in the post)

“Ugg’s are one of THE worst things to happen in women’s fashion.”

And now my favorites:

“Friends don’t let friends do UGGs”

“Eew. Should I now brace myself for the upcoming spring Crocs post…?”

“Wearing Uggs; it’s not called ‘the weekend.’ it’s called ‘giving up.’

As you can see, there was a huge outcry from people who did not agree with the Schuman’s decision to post these images.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, Uggs are ugly. They aren’t shaped all that well and give absolutely no definition to anyone’s legs but rather make skinny legs look like toothpicks and bigger legs look like more like shapeless blobs. They don’t provide much traction when walking and I’m sure you can instantly picture in your head numerous times when you saw someone or you yourself busted your butt while wearing them. And to keep them looking as nice as when you first got them, these boots take some major upkeep. (My roommate wouldn’t even wear hers until she gave her’s numerous Ugg spray baths). Oh yeah and did I mention that they really aren’t that cute?

Closing Argument

I have to say that while Uggs may work in Athens, they are positively not cute. There are tons of other boots and winter shoes out there that are much cuter, provide a better shape for your legs and give more traction for you feet. They are practical shoes for throwing on to keep your feet warm but only in the winter time and should be worn in the comfort of your home or I’ll also allow running extremely late to class and all you need to do is get out the door. These boots are like the equivalent of a Snuggie: not cute but can keep you warm and should enjoyed only in the comfort of your living room where no one else besides the people you live with can see them.


After weighing both sides, I have come to the conclusion that Uggs are a fashion don’t and should stay that way for years to come.

That’s all for this week. Hopefully you enjoyed this little mini-case review of one of fashion’s most debated topics.


P.S. Disclaimer: I hope I did not offend anyone with this week’s post because I do know people who absolutely love their Ugg boots and wear them all the time. This post was not intended to make anyone mad/upset/ruffle anyone’s feathers but rather look at both sides of an argument and state my opinion. People don’t always agree with what I wear but that’s what makes fashion so great is that everyone has their own opinions about things which in turn gives everyone their own unique style. If you love your Uggs, rock em’ till they wear out.


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