Rainy Day Chic (Yes, it does exist)

Rainy days can suck, plain and simple. Motivation wanes and just getting one foot out of bed is an immense struggle. And rainy winter days in Athens? Those would have to rank the highest on the suck-o-meter if there ever were such a thing. Maybe I’ll invent that. You know in Cosmo where each month they have a Stud-O-Meter? Well I’m copyrighting Suck-O-Meter. Wow that had to a record for how fast into a blog I went off on a tangent. So for those of you still reading, back to the good stuff.


Remember this past Wednesday and how glorious of a day it was around noon time? The sun was shining and it seemed to be the perfect type of chilly but not too cold temperature outside; the type of weather you could wear shorts or a short sleeve shirt with, but not both at the same time. So here I was dressed in a springy dress with a light jacket just about ready to leave for class and then all of a sudden, a torrential downpour starts. Talk about what a waste of an outfit that would’ve been had I not sprinted up the stairs and changed real quick. Which led me to think about what exactly is cute rainy day attire because let’s face it, if you can barely even get out of bed, putting anything but sweats and a hoodie on seems like the worst idea ever.


Hello rainy day staple and not to mention a cute one. Rainboots come in all types of colors and patterns, as well as different heights so it’s definitely easy to find a pair that fits you and your style. I like a pair of nice tall black rain boots, simple chic and classic, but it’s fun to play with patterns and colors as a way to spice up your outfit. If you plan on wearing some really busy or colorful jacket, I suggest opting for a more subdued pair of boots on your feet.









Talk about a rainy day accessory with the capability to brighten up the gloomiest of days. I’ve seen a lot of basic colored umbrellas around Athens but I’ve also seen a fair share of brighter, much more colorful ones. If you find yourself always feeling extremely dreary on days like this, get a cute umbrella. Find one that makes you smile and you’ll instantly be in a better mood when you’re walking around in the rain. I’m convinced Ted from How I Met Your Mother fell in love with said mother because she had a bright yellow umbrella and it instantly made him smile. Also, be sure that you are practicing proper umbrella etiquette and please don’t get one of those huge golf umbrellas that take up entire parts of the sidewalk that leave everyone else no room to walk. If you do do that, please don’t complain when my umbrella runs in to yours because it is going to happen. Oh and also, I’m in love with the blue Marc Jacobs umbrella below and would buy it in a heartbeat if I had that kind of money to drop on an umbrella.












Trench Coat

A lot of rainy days in Athens means its chillier weather as well. Unless it’s raining in the spring, because then there’s a better chance it’s a gross, hot muggy type of day, umm eww. Where I’m going with that is not only do you need to keep your feet dry and warm, but you have to make sure that you’re keeping the rest of your body warm too. A trench coat is perfect for this type of weather because not only will it look super cute and keep you super warm, but if it does get wet, the water will roll right off of it. Unlike a hoodie, which is just going to soak water like a sponge does and keep you wet even longer. So here is another chance to make a statement with your outfit even on rainy days. Opt for a beige color if you’re feeling more classic and preppy or go change it up with a black or colorful one, or really play with it and get one with a super sweet pattern on it.










Well there are some lovely rainy day options for you. I know it’s extremely hard sometimes to find the energy to get dressed in the morning when the weather flat out sucks but I’m telling you putting a little extra effort in will change your outlook on the entire day and keep you feeling much more upbeat and happier. So take that Mr. Rainstorm!


Now you’re DTD!


P.S. Almost Spring Break!!!!


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